About Us

Farm to table Freshness

It’s more important than ever to source your meat from fresh, ethical sources. Watch the videos to understand Why.

My Protein Locker is connecting local farmers to consumers in search of the freshest meats that are not only raised healthy, but ethically. Our mission is to truly Connect You To Farm Fresh Meats.  We’ve noticed the quality of grocery store meat drastically decrease in the last decade, and now we’re seeing more and more empty shelves.  We feel our customers want and deserve better!  We have created Monthly Locker Memberships that will ensure that your family will receive the essential Meats that you eat on a daily basis, delivered right to your door, on a schedule that fits your needs.  If you’re interested in becoming a member, please email support@myproteinlocker.com for more details.  

Once you see, feel, and TASTE the difference in our Farm Fresh Meat, you will NEVER want to purchase your meat from the grocery store again. Upon opening your package, you will notice the color of this meat is much more vibrant with NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING or PRESERVATIVES! The consistency in the texture of the meat is also very noticeable, and as far as taste is concerned…we’ve been told by customers in their 70’s that they’ve never had better